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Mastiff series Mastiff 400 Swing Gate Openers

With continuous devotion in home automation field, TMT Automation Inc. always meets customer’s needs with innovative, safe, and reliable design. Customer satisfaction plays an important role to drive us forward. The modern production facility and technical

laboratory are the origin of quality and smart ideas. The passion of curiosity leads us to the cutting edge of technology. TMT continues to provide simple and smart ideas for life.

Stylish Design

Bright colour pattern not only brings the slim concept of actuators, but

also trims the shape of the strongest model for heavy gate. Matching

the stylish gate of your house, Mastiff series is more than an opening

device. It has its own style and personality.

Current Detective

Having the help of Current Detective, anyone can find whether the gate is

under good condition before installation. Digital display shows readable

data for taking actions when we conduct the system learn procedure.

Effortless Manual Release

Smart design of knob gives the most effortless way to release the gate.

Simply rotates, easily operates, and casually walks in.


CB Series Control System

Smart control with intelligent functions

• Power input 230Vac.

• Two back-up batteries support for power failure

• Build-in radio receiver for matching transmitters

• Over-current design for European safety regulation

• Elegant design and easy step installation


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