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Smart & Nova Transmitters & Receivers

The SMART remote control system uses “self learning” technology to make it very quick and easy to set up, whereas the Nova offers a similar feature but with the added security of a “rolling code technology”

NOVA Rolling code technology ensures that each code that is transmitted by the remote is totally and randomly different to the last code transmitted. NOVA offers the same level of security as        currently provided by leading brand automobile manufacturers for immobilising vehicle alarms and activating door locks. This prevents unwanted copying of the remote signal and  cloning of the   remote itself.

Both types of remote transmitters are compact enough to be fitted  onto a key ring and are available with1, 2 ,3 or 4 buttons.

The receivers are available with 1,2 or 4 channels. Each channel can be selected for either latching or non latching output.

The receivers are housed in their own weatherproof housing allowing quick and easy external mounting for improved range. Up to 1500 transmitters can be used with the Supa Smart version of the SMART receivers.

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