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The Photon PE Safety Beam

The Photon PE Safety Beam combines the latest technology with a battery powered transmitter in a compact   waterproof IP 54 ABS enclosure.

Until now the only alternative to digging up the driveway was to fit a reflective safety beam which are not really suitable for outside use. Only the Photon receiver is connected to the power supply which means no digging across the driveway. Saving time and money.

The system is fail safe and with the very low power consumption the batteries will last a minimum of two years. When the battery power is low the on board buzzer gives a warning signal.

The Photon is only 50 mm wide which means it can be fitted onto all standard gate posts.

To speed up installation when the beams are set on “installer mode” you will hear the on board buzzer when they are aligned correctly.

In applications were power consumption is critical e.g. solar power sites, the relay can be disabled by selecting open collector mode.

Easy set up, great design and a 10 metre range makes the Photon beams a pleasure to work with.

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